Andrey Rybakov

Pre-doctoral Fellow at ICMol, University of Valencia.


Office 3.2.3

Instituto de Ciencia Molecular

Catedrático José Beltrán Martínez nº 2

Valencia, Spain, 46980

Graduated with honours from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in 2019. Received a master degree in Applied Physics and Math from MIPT in 2021.

Main research interests are focused on the magnetic material design and search for novel concept, material and device for fast and efficient computing.

Current research is devoted to the ultrafast magnon dynamics and its application for wave-based logic.

Author and core developer of the RAD-tools package for the magnonics simulations and spin Hamiltonian treatment.


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  1. esteras2022magnon.jpg
    Magnon straintronics in the 2D van der Waals ferromagnet CrSBr from first-principles
    Dorye L Esteras, Andrey RybakovAlberto M Ruiz, and José J Baldovı́
    Nano Letters, 2022